K-Drama Reaction: About Time | Episode 1

Lee Sung-kyung’s drama comeback is finally here! And this time she’s paired with the dimpled ahjussi Lee Sang-yoon in a romantic comedy that will surely make the time stop. Wait, why does this sound like a tv plug? Anyway, let’s take a plunge into the review of our first episode

Michaela, her special ability, and the ‘special’ man

This drama is ultimately about aspiring musical actress Choi Michaela (Lee Sung-kyung) who’s gifted, or perhaps, cursed with the ability to see people’s life clocks (lifespan).

Unfortunately, she’s not an exemption and she’s got only slightly more than 100 days to live.

And she can’t do anything about it aka she can’t prevent people from dying.

Until she met Lee Do-ha (Lee Sang-yoon) whose presence mysteriously stops her life clock.

Do-ha is a cultural foundation director who’s suffering from an anxiety disorder, presumably due to an accident.

He’s grumpy and he doesn’t want being treated lowly. But he’s strangely naive.

And it looked like Michaela did make an impression seeing how he imagined her around him.

And yes our OTP already shared their first kiss in the pilot episode. This is a good sign. We’re ready for more!

The people around Michaela

We’ve already got a glimpse of the whole bunch of supporting characters in this first episode. Let me start with Michaela’s family: We’ve got Mom (Na Young-hee) who seemed a bit overdressed for a household ahjumma and his younger brother (Rowoon).

We’ve also met her best friend Jeon Sung-hee (Han Seung-yeon) who, apparently, knows her secret. Their scene actually felt like something that came out of a musical when they started singing together after a heartfelt conversation.

There’s also Michaela’s middle-aged friend Oh So-nyeo (Kim Hae-sook) and her boyfriend Teacher Park (Jang Gwang). The friendship between two people from different age groups is actually cute and refreshing.

Finally, we’ve seen Jo Jae-yoo (Kim Dong-jun) who pointed out Michaela’s weaknesses during the education. He’s pretty sharp in his judgment (I also felt there’s lacking in Michaela’s performance) but he’s a little too straightforward.

The people around Do-ha

Now, let’s meet the people in Do-ha’s life. The most prominent one would be his wealthy fiancee Bae Soo-bong (Im Se-mi), who loves showing off.

I do like  Im Se-mi but she’s not giving that socialite vibe for me. But I do look forward to seeing the next icon she’ll wear in the coming episodes.

Lee Do-hee’s also connected to the Park brothers: One is the secretary who would always get on his nerves for being slow-witted (Kang Ki-doong) while the one is his pretty normal psychologist (Tae In-ho).

Lastly, we’ve got a sneak peek into his family members. There’s Lee Do-bin (Min Sung-wook) who appears to be more of a rival than a brother to Do-ha, and their father (Jeon Dong-hwan) who discreetly expressed his dislike for his daugter-in-law, Do-bin’s wife (Kim Sa-hee).


I see Michaela’s special ability to see lifespan as a double-edged sword. Being able to know how much time you have left is indeed frightening, but it also gives her the chance to live her life without having regrets. Some people tend to procrastinate the things they want to do or they dream of (including myself) only to realize that they’ve reached the end of the tunnel.

One thing that also caught my attention is Lee Sung-kyung’s familiar acting. Am I the only one seeing her character Michaela as a more grown-up Kim Bok-joo (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo) and that stare when she was sitting by the pool reminded me of Baek In-ha (Cheese in the Trap). I hope she puts more effort into trying to distinguish Michaela from her previous roles, who in all fairness, are memorable in their respective ways.

I couldn’t imagine how much stress the production underwent trying to reshoot Lee Seo-won’s scenes following his removal from the show but I’d like to congratulate them on their hard work. It also counts that Kim Dong-jun did really well in portraying the character despite being a last-minute replacement.

Overall, the pilot episode did excellently introduce us to the characters and the story’s main premise. The chemistry between Lee Sung-kyung and Lee Sang-yoon has a lot of promise, I just felt that their fated meetings were a little contrived. It’s predictable but was still a fun watch. ‘Til the next reaction guys!

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