K-Drama Reaction: Miss Hammurabi | Episode 2

We sometimes forget to listen.

Stage One: Judge Park

We have all been there. That stage when we think we can conquer the world and make it a better place just by our own will. Park Cha O Reum (Go Ara) is understandably at this stage of her life. She’s a newbie and hasn’t yet been exhausted. The way she saw the civil case they handled was so different with the way Presiding Judge Han Se-sang saw it. For the tenured judge, those were petty arguments by two parties who can’t mediate. But for O Reum, everything is a personal matter. Even if it’s too trivial for her colleague Im Ba-reun (Kim Myung-soo), she still insisted on doing things her way. This means she is taking the uncomfortable path no one dared to take. She had to take the brunt of anger from those affected by the change she wanted to impose. But I think, whatever she has gone through in the past made her tough enough to take it all.

Speaking of her past, we saw her mother at the start of the episode but there was no further explanation of how she ended up in a nursing home. O Reum looks like she was raised by her grandmother and her market imos (aunts) based on their conversations. These snippets really just made me curious about her personal life.

Stage Two: Judge Im

When the enthusiasm finally wore off, we end up being stuck on this stage – just go with the flow of life. Ba-reun was blunt in saying he was there to earn money although it was obvious he is also passionate about things O Reum is fighting for. It’s just that he must have been tired fighting the current system he decided to just go with it. Do his job properly and get your wage. Isn’t what we became when we let ourselves be stagnant and lose the fire in us? He might not admit it but O Reum is starting to spark something within him already.

Stage Three: Judge Han

Han Se-sang may seem to know it all. Having years of experience in the field, he thought he has seen it all. O Reum is changing that. He saw how the emotional new hire listened to people they are dealing with. I’m not expecting him to change overnight (still side-eying him for his sexist views) but he is not a hopeless case.

O Reum is reminding him of his early days as a judge. I think the high point of this episode was he, a veteran and tenured man, admitted it was still hard to listen and knowing what is right and wrong is still difficult.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

I really love how these three different characters balance each other out. We get to see things in three different ways. I can’t even side with anyone during their banters as they all present a good argument. It’s just the second episode but I feel like I’m starting to get invested with this trio already.

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts

– A photo of Kim Myung-soo after washing his face. Just because.

– Am I the only getting attached to whole Department 44? (Jung Bo-wang as well lol).

– They’re cute *heart eyes*

– Drunk Im Ba-reun is like Drunk Kim Myung-soo ㅋㅋ

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