Choi Jin-hyuk, Jang Nara to fight autocrats in upcoming SBS drama

Choi Jin-hyuk (Devilish Joy, Tunnel) and Jang Nara (Go Back Couple) are now both confirmed to lead the upcoming SBS drama Empress Dignity (working title).

The drama is set in an alternate, modern-day Korea which has retained its monarchy and imperial family. Jang Nara plays the heroine Oh Sunny, a cheerful musical actress who is betrothed to the emperor. But after the murder of the dowager empress, the palace is shaken by an imminent threat, and Oh Sunny eventually fights the reigning monarch while pursuing happiness and love.

Choi Jin-hyuk portrays the hero Na Wang-sik, an imperial palace guard with supreme fighting skills. He apparently harbors a desire for vengeance on the ruling family, and teams up with Oh Sunny in order to take down the autocratic rule.

Other confirmed cast members include Shin Sung-rok (Return) as the Emperor Lee Hyuk, Lee Elijah (Miss Hammurabi) as the antagonist Min Yoo-ra, and Shin Eun-kyung (Village: Secret of Achiara) as the dowager empress.

Empress’s Dignity will be directed by Joo Dong-min (Return), and is penned by veteran writer Kim Soon-ok (Jang Bori Is Here, Temptation of Wife). The drama will premiere on SBS in November following the finale of Heart Surgeons.


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