Guilty AF: The Five Types of Oppa Fan

This was originally posted on our Facebook Page in 2017.

You can definitely relate if you have been swallowed by the K-Dramaverse and have been infected by the deadly Oppa Virus! No judgement fam, we’re all guilty here.

  • The Oppalogist: Protects oppa at all times.Pangit daw arte ni oppa?
    – Hindi, maganda!
    Mababa daw rating ng drama ni oppa?
    – Hindi lang sila marunong maka appreciate ng maganda.
    May scandal si oppa?
    – Bakit, tao lang naman tayo lahat, nagkakamali.

OF 1

  • The Stalker: Knows everything about oppa.– Knows oppa’s real name, family background, where he graduated from.
    – Researches oppa’s projects, endorsements, whereabouts.
    – Updated on all news, IG posts about oppa.

OF 2

  • The Delu (Delusional): Thou shall marry oppa (even in my dreams).– This is most of us! Hahaha
    – Bakit masama ba managinip ng gising!?
    – Malay mo naman?

OF 3

  • The Loyal One: Oppa is lifeu!– The one na nakalimutan na ang boyfriend, husband, partner for oppa.

OF 4

  • The Realist: Knows the thin line between reality and dreams.– Admiring oppa from afar.
    – Natanggap na ang katotohanan na si oppa ay hanggang panaginip na lang.

OF 5

  • The In Denial: Oppa what? Oppa who?– Secretly watches K-Drama at night.
    – In-denial na kinain na ng Korean drama pero naiyak nung nagsabi si oppa na papasok ng military or ikakasal na.

OF 6

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