Where Are They Now? Cast of Heartstrings

In some kind of a miracle, an OTP that didn’t get their happy ending in their first drama will get one in their next. It’s kind of a fan-service for well-loved pairings. Heartstrings is one drama that’s a gift for the fans who like the pairing of Park Shin-hye and Jung Yong-hwa from the drama You’re Beautiful.

Ten years after and we’re glad to still watch the stars of this romantic musical drama on our TV screen. So, where are they now?

Heartstrings: A Look Back

Heartstring is a youth romance drama set at an art university. The series revolves around gayageum player Lee Kyu-won (Park Shin-hye) and guitarist Lee Shin (Jung Yong-hwa) as they learn more about life, love, and their passion for music.

Where Are They Now?

Park Shin-hye as Lee Kyu-won

As we all know, post-Heartstrings, Park Shin-hye starred in hit dramas after hit dramas. Some of which are The Heirs and Pinocchio. Two years after Hearstrings aired, she also became part of the hit movie Miracle in Cell No. 7. She recently starred alongside Cho Seung-woo in the sci-fi series, Sisyphus: The Myth.

Jung Yong-hwa as Lee Shin

After making our hearts go pit-a-pat in this series, Jung Yong-hwa has become one of the leads in dramas such as Marry Him If You Dare with Yoo Eun-hye as well as the period drama The Three Musketeers. CNBLUE’s lead vocalist also released two solo albums in 2015 and 2017 respectively before starting his military service in 2017.  Finally making a TV comeback, Jung Yong-hwa is currently starring in the KBS’ fantasy-comedy series Sell Your Haunted House with Jang Nara.

Song Chang-eui as Kim Suk-hyun

Song Chang-eui delighted us with his role as the Broadway musical director Kim Suk-hyun in Heartstrings. Shortly after, this real-life musical actor went on to star his own drama, the webtoon adaption Dr. Frost. His last series to date is the 2018 MBC drama Hide and Seek, where he starred opposite actress Lee Yoo-ri. He also recently appeared with his wife in the SBS variety show, Same Bed, Different Dreams.

So Yi-hyun as Jung Yun-soo

The year after Heartstrings, So Yi-hyun top-billed her own drama through KBS series My Shining Girl. She also appeared in other TV dramas like Cheongdamdong Alice, Who Are You, and Fates and Furies. In 2014, she married her long-time friend and previous co-star, actor In Gyo-jin.  They recently appeared as guests in K-variety show, Master in the House.

Kim Yoon-hye as Han Hee-joo

Everyone is fond of her these days as she plays the eccentric piano sonsaeng/computer genius Seo Mi-ri in the popular drama Vincenzo. But in Heartstrings, we have a love-hate relationship with her as Gyu-won’s rival, Han Hee-joo. She again worked with Park Shin-hye in the 2013 drama Flower Boy Next Door before appearing in other series like My Sassy Girl and The Third Charm. She’s also part of the star-studded Because I Love You, a movie led by Cha Tae-hyun, Seo Hyun-jin, Kim Yoo-jung, and Im Ju-hwan.

Kang Min-hyuk as Yeo Joon-hee

After charming us as drummer Yeo Joon-hee in Heartstrings, Kang Min-hyuk then starred in a weekend family drama My Husband Got a Family in 2012. The following year, Yong-hwa’s CNBLUE bandmate became part of the hit drama The Heirs where he and Krystal Jung’s characters Yoon Chan-young and Lee Bo-na gave us a strong second couple syndrome. By 2017, he finally got his first lead role opposite Ha Ji-won in MBC’s medical drama Hospital Ship. After being discharged last year, Kang Min-hyuk has been working in dramas again with the recently concluded web drama How To Be Thirty. He’s currently working with Lee Min-ki and Nana on the romance comedy series Oh! Master.

Lee Hyun-jin as Hyun Ki-young

Lee Hyun-jin’s next project after Heartstrings is the TV Chosun series Operation Proposal, which stars Yoo Seung-ho and Park Eun-bin. He also continuously took part in other series like Empire of Gold, Whisper, Sky Castle, and most recently, Dinner Mate.

Im Se-mi as Cha Bo-woon

Im Se-mi has become a familiar face in K-dramas. She was part of numerous TV series like That Winter, the Wind Blows, Shopping King Louis, Two Cops, About Time, and Terius Behind Me. Recently, a lot fell for her girl crush character Im Hee-kyeong in True Beauty and adored her alpha-beta relationship with Teacher Han Joon-woo.

Shin Goo as Lee Dong-jin

Veteran actor Shin Goo has also been active after Heartstrings. His recent notable character is Kim Suk-kyoon in the Noh Hee-kyung penned drama Dear My Friends. He also played the goodhearted Saman E&C Chairman Jang in My Ahjussi. You can also watch him travel in various countries in the Na Young-seok produced variety show Grandpas Over Flowers together with other veteran actors like Lee Soon-jae, Park Geun-hyung and Baek Il-seob with Lee Seo-jin as their maknae-slash-travel-guide.

Lee Il-hwa as Song Ji-young

One of the fan-favorite K-drama eommas, Lee Il-hwa played Jung Yong-hwa’s mother in Heartstrings. After the series, she then became part of the hit franchise Reply series. She also recently starred with Lee Yu-ri and Yeon Jeong-hoon in the mystery drama Lie after Lie.

Moon Ga-young as Lee Jung-hyun

The then-15-year-old actress Moon Ga-young played the role of Lee Shin’s younger sister Lee Jung-hyun. After this series, she got her first lead role through the four-episode series Mimi in 2014.  She then went on playing bigger supporting roles in dramas like Jealousy Incarnate, Live Up To Your Name, and Tempted. In 2020, she solidified her status as a certified lead actress in the MBC drama Fine Me In Your Memory. She and Heartstrings co-star Im Se-mi recently worked again in the hit youth series, True Beauty.

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