The Best of “Search: WWW”

As the K-drama world is slowly normalizing the presence of strong female-centric dramas, we thought of compiling the best scenes from an underrated series that gave us three powerful women to look up to in the corporate world. Alpha females come in all forms (and genres) so I think this version of “The Best of” would be a fun one!

πŸ’» Bae Ta-mi (Tammy) and Park Morgan’s adorable meet-cute and strong tension

πŸ’» “What’s Wrong With My Mother-in-Law?” drama within the drama

πŸ’» Song Ga-gyeong journey to freedom and self-healing

πŸ’» Tammy and Scarlet’s revenge time

πŸ’» The hilarious face-off of the three women in Pyo Jun-su’s life!

πŸ’» The entire Cha Hyeon (Scarlet) and Seol Ji-hwan second couple story

πŸ’» Lee Dong-wook as Tammy’s ex!

πŸ’» Hyeon and Ji-hwan’s fake relationship skit

πŸ’» When the two OTPs in the drama finally faced their qualms of entering into the relationship

πŸ’» Tammy and Morgan’s break-up sequence

πŸ’» Ga-gyeong unveils the corruption in Unicon like a true boss + the best ending in K-drama history

Aside from the compelling story and beautiful cinematography, the OSTs in the drama are on top-tier.

Hope you had fun watching this compilation as much as I did while ~searching~ for them! What’s your favorite moment from Search: WWW?

Video credits: tvN, viu, tvND, tvING

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