Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk to lead new tvN romance drama

Kim Tae-ri (Mr. Sunshine) and Nam Joo-hyuk (Start Up) have both been confirmed to lead tvN’s upcoming drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” (working title).

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is a coming-of-age drama that was set from the Asian financial crisis in 1998 up to the present year 2021. It revolves around the love story of two individuals who met for the first time at age 22 and 18, respectively, experienced the innocence of young love and friendship at age 25 and 21.

Nam Joo-hyuk will play the role of Baek Yi-jin, the eldest son of a family that was destroyed by the IMF and became a journalist. Aside from working as a sports reporter, he also strives to make a living by working part-time at a newspaper delivery and book rental shop. He will be assigned to cover the Asian Games where he will meet a fencing athlete named Na Hee-do.

Kim Tae-ri takes on the role of Na Hee-do, a pro saber player for the national fencing team. She used to be a fencing prodigy before her high school team’s disbanded due to the IMF financial crisis. Na Hee-do is described to have a strong personality, passionate, and ambitious.

The confirmed supporting cast include Bona (Homemade Love Story), who will play Go Yoo-rim, the youngest Korean gold medalist who is also a member of the national fencing team. She is Na Hee-do’s rival in fencing, but they are in good terms outside the court. She is a lovely, outgoing, strong-willed person and her ultimate goal is to win an Olympic goal medal.

Choi Hyun-wook (Racket Boys) is also confirmed for the role of Moon Ji-woong, a self-proclaimed fashion influencer whose goal is to become a top member of Cyworld, South Korea’s popular social media network of the early 2000s.

Lee Joo-myung (Kairos) takes on the role of Ji Seung-wan, who earns the name Joan of Arc because she is the class representative and top student in high school. A member of the broadcasting club, she is an active broadcast DJ who passionately shares concerns with listeners about their generation, society, school and personal life. 

Twenty-Five Twenty-One will be written by Kwon Do-eun (Search: WWW) and directed by Jung Ji-hyun (Mr. Sunshine, The King: Eternal Monarch).

It is scheduled to air on tvN in the winter season.

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