Yoon Hyun-min courted as leading man in Yoon Eun-hye’s potential drama comeback

Yay! I love Yoon Hyun-min (Witch’s Court) as much as I love Yoon Eun-hye (Marry Him If You Dare), so this is quite a pairing I could really root for. Reports say that both actors are not yet confirmed but are considering the offer to star in Love Like a Person.

If Yoon Hyun-min signs on, he will play a dual role as neurosurgeon who reportedly died, but was ‘reborn’ through a brain transplant that gave him a brain supplied with powerful artificial intelligence technology. Yoon Eun-hye, on the other hand, will play a PE teacher who describes Yoon Hyun-min’s character as the man she believed to be her fate but was surprised to discover he has no recollections of her when they got reunited.

No network has been specified for the drama.

>>Yoon Eun-hye offered lead role in new android drama

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