K-Drama Reaction: Radio Romance | Finale

“Is there such a thing as perfect love? Love is incomplete. Love is imperfect. That makes it beautiful. Because of love, we get broader, crumble, shrink, become satisfied, become weak, and become strong. Because it is not complete, and because it is not perfect, we cry… and make the person we love cry. Perhaps love is something you have to do even if you fail. Today, I love yet again.” ~ Song Geu-rim


This is undeniably everyone’s most favorite part. After all the challenges and struggles, our OTPs and key characters have finally achieved the happily ever after they all deserve.

We will soon be hearing wedding bells for Ji Soo-ho (Yoon Doo-joon) and Song Geu-rim (Kim So-hyun), and yes, even for Manager Kim Jun-woo and Jin Tae-ri (Yura)! I’m very happy! But I have to admit that I’m much happier for the latter. Don’t get me wrong! I still like Soo-ho and Geu-rim’s OTP. It’s just that I now like Manager Kim and Tae-ri’s OTP better. Bian.

It’s so nice that Soo-ho’s career is now back on track after the chaos that resulted from his dating scandal and the revelation of his family’s secrets to the public. But what makes my heart happier is how ‘the big reveal’ closed the distance between Soo-ho and JH Entertainment CEO Nam Joo-ha (Oh Hyun-kyung). What isn’t clear is whether CEO Nam and her worthless husband reconciled or not. Were the documents abruptly shown while CEO Nam and Ji Yoon-seok (Kim Byung-se) were listening to Soo-ho’s radio broadcast divorce papers? If yes, then I think it’s for the best. I hated CEO Nam for almost the entire run of the show, so I’m glad that I came to realize even if it’s too late that she’s only a wife who got extremely hurt when her husband brought home his love child on the day she had a miscarriage. It’s just right that she gets a divorce from her husband so that she can finally heal. If there’s a character I couldn’t forgive in this drama, it’s none other than Soo-ho’s dad because he’s nothing but an irresponsible and selfish father and husband.

More on CEO Nam. Isn’t it wonderful how she and Geu-rim seemed to patch things up? Though CEO Nam’s 360-degree change feels a bit too good to be true, I’m willing to let it slide, it’s the finale afterall.

Geu-rim could’ve made me believe that she has really mastered the art of gracefully handling a conversation with her future in-law only if she didn’t have an indigestion after their dinner with CEO Nam. So funny!

Moving on to Manager Kim and Tae-ri’s OTP, who would have thought that the usually composed and aloof Manager Kim can also be a jealous and cheesy boyfriend? I’m a sucker for all things cheesy that’s why I was so moved by his surprise for Tae-ri at his apartment where he popped the most important question. Well, what he really asked Tae-ri was to ‘live together,’ but I believe that it’s the same as ‘let’s get married.’ Plus, I love what he told Tae-ri: “I’ll be your life manager for the rest of your life.” I’m so touched!

It’s not only our main OTPs that are up for a happy ending, writer Ra Ra-hee (Kim Hye-eun) and PD Lee Seung-soo (Im Ji-kyu) are also on their road to their second chance at love!

But the saddening part of this finale episode is PD Lee Kang’s (Park Yoon) departure. Yup, he had to go on a forced leave once again. This time, in Tibet. This is after he scolded the Korea Communications Commission panel who insisted that radio is a one-way broadcasting medium. He and his temper, jinja. I never had a second lead syndrome for this drama, but PD Lee Kang will always have my respect. He’s man enough to concede and give way to Geu-rim and Soo-ho’s romance, plus his passion for radio can never be questioned. He also proved that he’s cool ’til the very end by giving Soo-ho his house near where Geu-rim lives. And… he’s undeniably one good-looking guy, but he’s even hotter when he’s in a suit, and beard and mustache free! I truly hope that he finds the girl he deserves, and like what I’ve said before, whoever that girl will be, she’s very lucky.

PD Lee Kang might’ve failed in love (for now), but it’s no doubt that he succeeded in one important field, and that is to transform his maknae into a real radio writer. Whatever Geu-rim has achieved, a huge part of it is because of PD Lee Kang’s confidence in her. She is his living legacy.


Radio Romance is overall a nice drama. The cast is nice, the acting is nice, the chemistry is nice. But that one thing that kind of hindered it from becoming a memorable one is the sad fact that it’s very formulaic specifically its plot and characterization. It’s the same, old bright-girl-meets-cold-guy-who-is-deeply-scarred-inside kind of storyline. Even the twist where the main leads are revealed to have met in their younger years has been used countless times before. Nevertheless, it’s still a fun ride as a whole so cheers to entire cast and crew for a job well done!

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