K-Lookbook: How to style your hair like a K-drama male lead

They say your hair is your crowning glory. Most of the time it is associated with women; their hairstyle can make or break their whole look. But I think it is also true for men. Just take a look at Korean actors we all fell in love in. They changed their hairstyle depending on the personality of the characters they’re playing. If you want to change your image with a new look, here is a list of some basic styling tips we can borrow from these K-drama bros.

Hairstyles Worth Borrowing from K-drama Male Characters

The Classic Gentleman – This cut will surely give you the-boy-next-door charisma like Lee Je-hoon and Lee Sang-yoon. Who wouldn’t say no to these men who are the epitomes of first love?

Go for Fringe – Who says bangs are just for women? Korean male leads disagree. From blunt to cropped to diagonal, these dramaland princes have pulled it off.

Maknae’s tip: if you have frizzy hair, you can towel-dry your hair and add oil or serum products to add moisture and make it look like naturally smooth.

Retro is Back – Remember Seo Hwi-yong in Chicago Typewriter? The rumpled fringe brought out the boyish yet strong features of Yoo Ah-in.

Neat and Slick – Those aiming for a more professional look can do Park Seo-joon’s sleek hairstyle in Why Secretary Kim. With the help of hair wax, finger comb your hair away from your face and ta-dah you can look like a chaebol straight from dramaworld.

Be the Trend – K-pop idols have probably tried all colors in their hair. In dramaland, there are some characters who also stood out because of their modern and almost anime-esque hair color.

Maknae’s tip: If you’re planning to bleach your hair on your own, I recommend putting coconut hair at least the night before to avoid extreme dryness. Also, for those with natural black hair, you probably have to bleach your hair multiple times before you achieved the color that you want especially pastel colors.

Rugged Brad – Sexy. That’s the first word that comes to mind when seeing a man strut with his disheveled long hair or with a man bun. I mean, look at Lee Min-ho and his beautiful mane? Isn’t a proof that this style definitely oozes confidence.

Don’t stay with your usual style, go get these haircuts and win the hearts of many just like a true blue K-drama male lead!

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