K-Drama Reaction: Hospital Playlist 2 | Episode 4

There’s trouble brewing in the heart of one of our favorite doctors. A dove wants to fly away and leave the other half of her without warning. While the others are having ordinary yet special days.

Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 starts with a worried Kim Jun-wan talking to Ko Se-gyeong, Lee Ik-sun’s closest friend in London who lives in the same apartment as her. Despite Se-gyeong’s assurance that it was just a minor accident, Jun-wan waits for Ik-sun to call. It was past two o’clock in the morning and a sleepy Ahn Jeong-won asks if Jun-wan needs a drinking buddy but the latter declined. A few seconds after Ik-sun called and reassures Jun-wan that she’s fine but Jun-wan is still worried, reminding her to take every precautionary test she needs. 

In the morning at Yulje, Jeong-won happily walks to the nurse’s station and asks Gyeo-ul to see patient Ba-da now (in a very singsongy manner but Gyeo-ul greeted him back with a curt anyeonghaseyo. This ticking bomb is giving them away haha). Nurse Kim Da-yeong tells Jeong-won that Ba-da’s mother is worried about her daughter’s surgery. Jeong-won nods and says, “Of course, she’s worried. To a mom, there’s no such thing as a simple surgery.” Nurse Kim then asks Jeong-won if he has a kid and Jeong-won says all of his patients are his children. The comment stuns Nurse Kim and Gyeo-ul agrees.

At the OR, Do Jae-hak and Im Chang-min is ready to assist Jun-wan in his surgery. Jun-wan, as usual, seriously gives his pre-operations instructions while Jae-hak answers in his own little funny way. Meanwhile, at the NS Medical Room, Chae Song-hwa is helping Heo Sun-bin with her thesis. Back at the Pediatrics Ward, Jeong-won talks to Ba-da’s parents for pre-surgery instructions (a procedure called thyroglossal duct cyst excision). Jeong-won patiently answers the parents’ questions and ends up playing with Ba-da. 

At the OB/GYN, Yang Seok-hyeong is in a meeting with fellows and residents regarding patient Shim Eun-yeong. After asking a few questions, he calls Min-ha’s attention and tells her to ask away. Surprised, Min-ha asks how Seok-hyeong knows she wants to ask a question but apparently Seok-hyeong saw her scribbling “to ask or not to ask” ala Hamlet (these goms hahaha, also, he called her ‘Minha-ya~’). Min-ha then asks him about patient Kim Ye-ji.

It’s outpatient day, meanwhile, for Lee Ik-jun. He is in the middle of a follow-up check-up for a patient from Jin-hae. While scheduling their next check-up, Ik-jun asks what time do they leave for her Seoul check-up. Considerate of his patient’s situation, Ik-jun schedules their check-up the same day of his patient’s neurologist check-up.

Back at the NS Medical Room, Song-hwa gives her comments to Sun-bin’s paper. After their consultation, Sun-bin wonders if Song-hwa likes and enjoys studying. Song-hwa denies it at first but she eventually admits she does enjoys studying and learning new things (how to be Song-hwa???). 

After the surgery, Jun-wan went straight to the ICU. He meets Hong-do after checking up on a patient. Hong-do fails to answer his question and Jun-wan reminds him to study harder. He then notices that everyone at the ICU has visitors except for Professor Cheon’s patient Lee Gyeong-mi. After talking to another patient’s parents, Jae-hak wants to accompany Jun-wan because his gyosunim is his “healing” (omg Jae-hak haha). Jae-hak continues to follow Jun-wan even in the cafeteria. Song-hwa arrives and Jun-wan tells him that she’ll treat her and her company for lunch. Turns out the whole NS crew is there with Song-hwa. At a separate table, Jae-hak notices Jun-wan has no appetite. While looking at the drumstick, Jun-wan wonders out loud that Ik-sun loves drumsticks. Jae-hak hears Jun-wan but he denies it, saying what he said was Ik-jun. 

Jae-hak: But there must be someone named “Ik-sun” somewhere in this world.
Jun-wan: Maybe on the other side of the planet.

On the phone, Song-hwa happily informs Ik-jun that the cafeteria is serving drumsticks. He would have wanted to join her but he has an important tteokbokki meeting. Back at the cafeteria, Min-chan’s mother notices that Eun-ji’s mother is eating lunch alone. But she can’t join her this time because they’re now at different stages of their marathon.

At the Medical Office 4 of the OB/GYN ward, Chu Min-ha arrives with three full servings of tteokbokki. Ik-jun’s said meeting, apparently is with Chuchu and Gyeoul-ah. While opening their orders, Ik-jun is commenting that Jeong-won can’t handle spicy food but stop mid-way when he realizes they’re not alone at the office. Gyeo-ul then informs her that Min-ha knows they are dating. Min-ha retells that she congratulated Gyeo-ul for beating God. She then asks to confirm if Ik-jun did invite one more person to join them. Ik-jun says yes and he is sure that he got it right this time (a nod to his season 1 blunder where he invited Jun-wan instead of Jeong-won much to Gyeo-ul’s disappointment). This time he didn’t disappoint both of his lunch buddies as Seok-hyeong and Jeong-won join them. Seok-hyeong arrives first with Min-ha giving him the mild tteokbokki and every food they have in the table. Ik-jun watches the exchange with a curious gaze. Another nod to season 1, Ik-jun starts counting down and Jeong-won arrives on cue. With his safe people around, Jeong-won comfortably shares a meal with Gyeo-ul. Ik-jun then leaves the two pairs after receiving a call from Song-hwa.

At the central garden, Jae-hak asks to confirm if Jun-wan is taking over Professor Cheon’s patients next week while he’s away for a conference. Jun-wan answers he’ll take three including Gyeong-mi. At the ICU, the nurse informs Gyeong-mi that Jun-wan will be his attending doctor next week. The nurse assures her that Jun-wan might be curt but he cares a lot about his patients. Gyeong-mi smiles because she knows that already.

At the hospital’s garden, Song-hwa is complaining about her mother to Ik-jun, saying her mother always gives her too much food. Ik-jun shares that his mother does that too. The two friends then made a pact of exchanging their care packages from their moms.

Back at the central garden, Jae-hak shows off his wife’s SNS post to Jun-wan but the latter can’t relate to anything he said about SNS and hashtags. Jun-wan says his girlfriend made an account for him but he rarely opens it. Jae-hak then lectures him that his girlfriend probably wants to see his day-to-day life through his SNS, which he argues is different from sharing it on a phone call. Jae-hak then took a photo of Jun-wan and teach him how to properly use social media. Jae-hak even emphasizes that he should use hashtags so a lot of people can see/discover them.

Alone now at his office, Jun-wan checks Ik-sun’s SNS account. There, he sees things that Ik-sun didn’t share on the phone that he should have known already if he checks her account. He notices that Ik-sun mentions Se-gyeong quite often on her posts. He then lays back on the sofa with an unsettling feeling.

Outside the OR, Ik-jun sees Jun-wan preparing for another surgery. He discovers Jun-wan is booked up the whole week. While conversing, a nurse approaches them with an emergency call from Jae-hak. Apparently, Eun-ji’s left side motor control is poor. After giving instructions, Jun-wan proceeded to his surgery.

At Song-hwa’s office, Sun-bin comments that Song-hwa is quite busy going back and forth between Sokcho and Seoul. She then shares why she and Seok-min are still in a cold war. Sun-bin was hurt by Seok-min’s comment, “those who have had it easy in life are inconsiderate.” Song-hwa mulls over their situation and concludes it is a big fight and Sun-bin worries they might break up at this rate. Song-hwa then gives her a piece of advice: “There’s something I learned naturally with age. As long as you both want to make it work and aren’t too far apart, just wait and see. Then something will come along… So relationship-wise, just let nature take its course.”

On the other side of the hospital, Jeong-won’s loan has been approved. Before leaving, he asks if they can give him two of the freebie dolls they give to their clients. In the next scene, Gyeo-ul plays with two piggy dolls alone at the GS Office. Professor Lee Ji-hoon arrives and asks if Gyeo-ul can give one of her dolls to his kid. Gyeo-ul picks up her phone and pretends to receive an emergency call. She runs away from Professor Lee while hugging (protecting) her two dolls.

Meanwhile, in the PICU, Eun-ji’s condition has stabilized and Jae-hak informs Jun-wan. Outside the PICU, Jun-wan talks to Eun-ji’s parents. Eun-ji’s mother breaks down in front of Jun-wan, saying she’s beyond exhausted. Jun-wan comforts her by saying they won’t give up on Eun-ji’s condition as long as she won’t. Inside the ICU, Jun-wan watches over Eun-ji with sad eyes. 

Later, Song-hwa and Jeong-won talk about their lease for a house that they’d use as a patient guardian shelter. His loan is apparently for the long-term lease of the house. It’s a charity service that will be part of their DLL Program. Jeong-won then shares that in return of him staying at the hospital, Director Ju agrees to support his personal project. When asks what his ultimate dream is, he shares that it is to build a children’s hospital. Ik-jun wows at his dream (he got me in stitches at this point. I laughed but not as much as Song-hwa. Really Chae Song-hwa, you love his jokes, eh?). Ik-jun leaves them after getting an emergency call from Gyeo-ul.

At the ICU, Ik-jun’s patient is back in stable condition. He then sees a tired Jun-wan and takes him to the cafeteria for a meal. There, Ik-jun tells Jun-wan to cut down on surgery because his friend does look so tired than normal. Jun-wan tells him that it’s not the surgeries that bother him. He vaguely shares that a lot of things are stressing him out these days. 

Back to Jun-wan, he talks to Ik-sun on the phone alone at his office. Ik-sun informs him about her condition and also, shares some good news with her. Jun-wan congratulates her sincerely. By the door, Ik-jun watches how his friend pretends everything was fine.

At the NS Room, Sun-bin informs a fellow about patient Won Jin-hwan’s post-surgery condition. She is worried that the biopsy needle might have touched the MCA distal branch (if my google search is correct, this could lead to paralysis). The fellow dismisses her worries, saying the chances of that happening are low.

Jun-wan then meets Jae-hak just outside the ICU. Jae-hak tutors his curious professor on how to post on his SNS and how to use hashtags. He then grabs his phone back and says he will give this SNS thing a chance.

At the ICU, Sun-bin continuously checks on patient Won’s condition. She notices his motor ability is slow and informs the fellow; only to get dismissed again. The fellow says they should just wait and see and even lectures Sun-bin that they shouldn’t be too quick on “opening up the head.”

In his office, Ik-jun then calls Ik-sun. When asks why Ik-sun doesn’t look well, Ik-sun says she’s just studying all night. Ik-sun then asks about the rest of Ik-jun’s friends. Ik-jun then informs her that Jun-wan is having a hard time because of his surgeries and other hospital affairs. Ik-jun then adds that his girlfriend contributing to Jun-wan’s stressors, commenting that said girlfriend is self-centered. 

Back in the ICU, Sun-bin checks patient Won’s condition again. Alarmed at her findings, she calls the fellow who once again tried to dismiss her worries. But this time, Sun-bin stands by her diagnosis, immediately booking an OR and calling Professor Min Gi-jun about it. Before starting, Professor Min warns that if something happens to the patient, Sun-bin and the fellow should take responsibility. After the surgery, the ICU nurse asks Sun-bin to take a rest but she says she wants to watch over the patient, assuring Sun-bin that she’s on her side no matter what. 

The next day, Song-hwa gives Sun-bin a pep talk. Everyone knows that Sun-bin shouted at the fellow amidst the emergency incident last night. Sun-bin gives her the details about what happened and Song-hwa concludes that Sun-bin is at fault. Sun-bin thought Song-hwa was referring to the way she shouted at the fellow. Song-hwa corrects her, saying Sun-bin should have pushed ahead with her decision if she believed so since she’s the one who closely monitored the patient. Song-hwa says the Sun-bin should fight hard because that’s the way she can save her patients. 

Alone in her room in London, Ik-sun calls at Jun-wan with a sullen voice. She apologizes, saying that she has fallen for someone else. After a beat, Jun-wan asks if it is Se-gyeong. Ik-sun just apologizes and drops the call. Leaving Jun-wan hurt and conffused by the sudden break-up. 

At Song-hwa’s office, the rest of the lacing five questions Jeong-won about Jun-wan. But Jeong-won doesn’t also know why Jun-wan seems stressed out lately. At the mention of them being a housemate, Song-hwa tells Jeong-won it’s time for him to move out. Jeong-won then shares that he wants to but Jun-wan will feel lonely. Ik-jun agrees, saying Jun-want gets very lonely easily and that he might look tough but he’s really a softie. Softie Jun-wan looks exhausted alone at his office. 

In Yangpyeong, we saw a snippet of Rosa and Jong-su bickering over her sun hat. The two went out for a walk while watching the sun sets. Similarly, Ik-jun and Song-hwa are taking an afternoon stroll at the hospital garden. Ik-jun mentions that U-ju only loves his girlfriend Mo-ne these days. He informs her that Mo-ne is the cousin of Hong-do and Yun-bok. Song-hwa comments that the twin intern reminds her of their old days; Ik-jun argues that he is smarter than Hong-do. Song-hwa agrees but tells Ik-jun he’s quite a loser back then. Song-hwa suddenly started singing a very unique cover of Sechkies’ hit song Couple. And Ik-jun just lets her be.

Inside Yulje, Jun-wan receives a call that Eun-ji is receiving a donor. There are some conditions involve like the heart size but Jun-wan insists they need it now to save Eun-ji. Talking to Eun-ji’s mother, Jun-wan informs her of the good news. Eun-ji’s mother breaks down in happy tears.

At the NS Medical Office, Seok-min brings a bouquet of flowers to Sun-bin. Seok-min comforts her about the incident with the fellow. He also then apologizes for his comment. Seok-min then says white tulips mean forgiveness, giving her a reassuring back hug. 

Outside the Operating Unit, Jun-wan briefs Eun-ji’s parents about the procedure, saying he will save Eun-ji no matter what. While waiting for the surgery, Eun-ji’s mother finds Min-chan’s mother outside the family waiting room. The latter breaks down as Eun-ji’s mother approaches her. The two mother shares a hug as they approach the end of their life’s marathon.

The next day in the central garden, Ik-jun starts a conversation with Jun-wan with a cup of coffee. As Jun-wan talks to another professor, Ik-jun receives a call from Ik-sun. His sister tells him that her bile ducts are swollen. Knowing the seriousness of Ik-sun’s condition, Ik-jun orders him to go back to Korea immediately and promises to fix it no matter what. Ik-sun then asks her not to tell anyone especially Jun-wan.

With Mido and Falasol’s song as the bgm, Jae-hak wonders why Gyeong-mi is receiving various visitors this week. Turns out, Jun-wan used his SNS to ask kind-hearted people to accompany Gyeong-mi.

Maknae’s Verdict

The episode, particularly the latter part, is heavier than usual. It was as if we’re already at the final stretch of the season. But I guess, since this is season 2, things will really be different and heavier because this time, we already have an attachment with the characters. So seeing them in distress feels like watching a troubled friend from afar. 

That’s exactly how it felt like as I watch Jun-wan receives that call from Ik-sun. I expected them to break up at some point but not this way. To be honest, I was initially shocked at how Ik-sun handled their situation. I thought that when Ik-jun informed her about Jun-wan’s real situation, she will try to ask him about his troubles. Because I thought Jun-wan is the only one having a hard time with their situation. I discounted the fact that Ik-sun also has her own traumas in the past which contributed to her decision of running away from their problems instead of facing them. I stand by my ground though that it is the wrong thing to do. And in a fiction world (or even in real life), noble idiocy is always on my bad book. Anyway, I’m still holding off judgment until this arc is resolved. I’m quite hoping it’ll be as satisfying as the Trash-Najung make-up scene (yes, I love that scene too much I’m bringing up often in this recap). And even if this doesn’t lead to that, I just hope Jun-wan’s character development will continue to move forward because I’m really liking his arc this season. He has more screen time!!! And we’re seeing more of his good sides. It’s a shame if he would take a step backward because of a break-up. Anyway, I doubt that’d happen but still, please dramagenies (or Lee-writernim) jebal. Let him be happy, okay? Like how happy and comfortable is Song-hwa to Ik-jun.

The whole episode talks about loneliness and companionship. As we see Jun-wan deals with loneliness, Ik-jun and Song-hwa, on the other hand, showed us what it feels like to have a constant companion in your life. A constant person who would let you sing to your heart’s content and listen to you even if you’re so off-tune to the point that the song is unrecognizable. And that is what Ik-jun is to Song-hwa. She looks so comfortable every time she’s with Ik-jun in this episode. I think she already accepted her feelings for Ik-jun but just like what she told Sun-bin, she’s letting things take their course. And that’s how it is for a slice-of-life drama. True, some things are romanticized or dramatized for the sake of good cinematography and narration but it’s still grounded by realism. Things will feel fast-paced at times but most of the time, it’ll be slow-paced like how our day-to-day life unfolds. Let’s wait and see where this flow of stories takes us.


– Ik-jun never fails to wow me. He knows everything about his patients and his friends. But apparently, he doesn’t know some things about his sister. This surprised me because all this time, I thought he already knew Ik-sun was Jun-wan’s girlfriend.

– Also, someone said Ik-jun chooses hepatology as his specialization because of Ik-sun’s case in the past. If I’m not mistaken, she was diagnosed before with biliary atresia. I didn’t know they will use that as a way to bring her back to Korea.

-I miss Seok-hyeong this week but this is really Jun-wan’s episode. I’m guessing the next one too will be focused on him or at least half of it will deal with his arc too.

-We see little of Jeong-won this week too but I’m not complaining because I’m already satisfied with their little moments. His character’s journey has gone full circle in season 1 so what’s the point of focusing on him more this season (and that is coming from a Jeong-won stan haha). Anyway, based on the preview, it seems that he and Gyeo-ul will deal with something big. I wonder what that is?

– Ik-jun promises to get some food from Song-hwa. Are we gonna see him in Sokcho???

Twice OST is here!!!

-Can Mi-do releases a studio version of Couple?

-Speaking of, please watch this Infinite cover of Sechkies’ classic hit. Also, dropping a link of their version with KARA. Hello there, fellow 2nd Gen stans!

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