K-Lookbook: Summer Looks from K-drama Characters

We all have that one summer destination we always dreamed of going. It could be a nature trip or a beach holiday. Wherever it is, we often imagine a place where we could unwind and relax. But not everyone has the capability to just leave and go. Most of us have to stay where we were because of our circumstances.

The thing is, you don’t have to wallow in sadness all summer season. Why not bring the spirit of this warm season wherever you are? Let everyone feel the summer in you through your stylish outfits!

Maknae’s Choice

Who wouldn’t want to bathe under the sun in paradise-like shores of Vanuatu? Yoon So-ah (Shin Se-kyung) wanted to escape her fate as the Bride of the Water God and just stay on the beach. But of course, she couldn’t but that doesn’t stop her looking gorgeous in her city outfits.

Korean Drama-inspired Summer OOTDs

Even though you are not swimming in the ocean or enjoying the cold breeze at the top of a mountain, you will still probably go out this hot season. I list down some lovely ensembles from recent Korean Dramas. Kaja?

Maknae’s note: I really tried to look for light clothing for our readers living in tropical countries that experience extreme summers. Since Korea has a fairly warm summer season, their outfits still include layered sets and long-sleeved upper garment. I could instead suggest finding clothes in cotton or other breathable summer fabrics.

1. When you have to go out on a date. Flaunt your charms like Eun Tae-hee (Red Velvet’s Joy) in the Great Seducer. You might not be enjoying the beach right now but you can still look as vibrant as the season with this looks.

red velvet joy great seducer fashion

2. When you’re having a jam session with your squad. You and your friends probably wanted to go on a road trip. But instead, your stuck in your hometown and have nothing to do but cheer up each other with songs. The Liar and His Lover couple Kang Han-Gyul (Lee Hyun-woo) and Yoon So-rim (Red Velvet’s Joy) chose perfect clothes that highlighted their youthful allure.

lee hyun woo the liar and his lover fashion

Maknae’s tip: Millennial Pink is out, Gen Z yellow is in. Be bright and lovely in this trendy color.

red velvet joy the liar and his lover

3. When you have to attend summer classes. Are you forlorn that you have to go to extra classes instead of going on vacay? Well, you would not look as let down as you really are with Ra Eun-ho’s (Kim Se-jeong) sweet and simple looks from School 2017.

school 2017 kim sejeong

4. When you’re stuck at your workplace. No matter how much you want to spend the warm nights on the beach side, your work and #adulting responsibilities forbid you to leave your office and have fun. But who says you can’t look summer-ready in office-appropriate clothes? Hospital Ship couple Ha Ji-won and Kang Min-hyuk’s outfits will give you style inspo that you can use from Monday to Friday work and that in-between quick dates.

ha jiwon hospital ship fashion

kang minhyuk hospital ship fashion


Summer will come and go but the memories you create, wherever you may be, will stay. Enjoy this season Ahjummamshies readers!

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