Co-Celebrants: Four K-Actors Who Debuted In 2017

Our 4th Anniversary celebration is almost over but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for another anniv-related listicle!

Back in 2017, the five of us decided to finally create a home for our K-drama thoughts and fangirling moods. And for four years, we’ve met a lot of chinggus (yes, I’m talking to you our reader who frequently visits us here). Our debut year was a fun learning experience for us with trial-and-errors here and there. Four years after we’re still learning a lot of new things but we’re a little bit surer about our blogging selves.

I think these K-actors who also debuted in 2017 are similar to us. They’re still fairly new in the biz but are clearly improving in every project they got. Our April co-celebrants debuted the same year we did and ever since then, they are slowly moving forward in their path to stardom.

Song Kang
Debut Project: The Liar and His Lover
Latest Project: Navillera (2021)
Where to See Him More? He updates his Instagram songkang_b from time to time. You can also head to Netflix and you’ll find a good number of Song Kang contents there.

Know more about him through his body of work in this In Spotlight feature for Song Kang:

Han So-hee
Debut Project: Reunited Worlds
Latest Project: The World of the Married (2020)
Where to See Her More? She’s in the gram as well (xeesoxee) and aside from her gorgeous beautiful selcas, you might find cute photos of dogs and cats in her feed.

Fun fact: she’s currently filming JTBC’s upcoming series I Know But with Song Kang!

Lee Do-hyun
Debut Project: Prison Playbook
Latest Project: Youth of May (2021)
Where to See Him More? You can binge-watch or rewatch 18 Again where he earned his nomination for Best New Actor in the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Fun fact: He played the younger version of Jung Kyung-ho’s character, Lee Joon-ho, while his then-future Hotel Del Luna co-star Lee Tae-sun played the younger version of Park Hae-soo’s character, Kim Je-hyeok.

Kim Da-mi
Debut Project: 2017 Project with the Same Name (Independent Film)
Latest Project: Itaewon Class (2020)
Where to See Her More? Watch her award-winning performance in The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion. She bagged Best New Actress trophies from the 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards and 55th Baeksang Arts Awards.

GIF Credit: Song Kang, Han So-hee, Lee Do-hyun, Kim Da-mi

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