K-Drama Reaction: Switch | Episodes 5-6

He is one elusive con man.

From One Cynic to Another

Basic investigation skills would not be enough to catch a conman like Sa Do-chan (Jang Geun-suk). After all, he was doing this thing since he was a child. He grew up with a Robin Hood-like manipulator who helps victims of unjust treatment. So it is not surprising that Do-chan easily shrugged off those attempts to prove he is a fake Baek Joon-soon.

I was complaining last week about how I want more details about this character before I jump onboard his story and they actually did it in an unconventional way. (Okay, I concede that this was probably done before.) They managed to seamlessly show Do-chan’s past without making the story too draggy to watch; like a makjang series filled with flashback or worst one whole episode with the characters still in their childhood.

Code Name: Grizzly

Speaking of the past, Do-chan found another connection between him and Joon-soo. They were both looking for the man called Grizzly. It has something to do with Do-chan’s recurring dreams or most probably a suppressed memory. This led me to a number of theories:

1. Do-chan and Joon-soo are twins. The man killed by grizzly was their father.

2. Do-chan is an amnesiac. He probably forgot his real family and somehow ended up being raised by a con artist.

3. My theories are all wrong and this series will be a shocker.

I think they are slowly building the ground work for the big reveal. This means there were already scarce hints placed for us to decipher.

The Spark

I think a writer or not, we all know that on a romance story there’s need to be this one scene when one character’s view of the other changes. It would probably a sudden change of heart or a subtle change in their dynamics. I always prefer the latter. And thankfully, that is how it will be with this new prosecutor couple. That lunch scene with Do-chan and Oh Ha-ra (Han Ye-ri) was sparkling. There were no cheesy line or catch-the-falling-girl scene but the way Do-chan looked at Ha-ra said it all.

Maknae’s Episode Verdict

We might have seen this anti-hero becomes real hero story before. The series would make you hold at the edge of your seat, root for the good guys, and hope for a happy ending for their personal lives but I concede that this plot has been tried before. What makes Switch stand out from the rest is the actors playing their roles as if they were born for it. We were only in the second week but I think, Geun-suk and Ye-ri already proved they were the right choices for this drama. The rest of the main cast, particularly Joong Woong-in, was good at making this series really interesting to watch. Switch is slowly creeping into my good drama list.

Dongsaeng’s Afterthoughts

– These drug runners are good looking but I’ll just probably wait for them to have nice guy roles before heart-eyeing them.

– Oh Ha-ra, please listen to your omoni!

– I want this in my house too!

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