K-Drama Reaction: Are You Human, Too? | Episodes 7-8

This episode proved that Seo Kang-joon deserved all the praises in the world as the worthy leading man in this drama. He may have had his fair share of hits and misses when it comes to acting projects, but his portrayal of Namsin III in Are You Human, Too? is definitely one for the books!

Human 7-8 (1)Human 7-8 (2)

Going back to these two jam-packed episodes…

I only have two things to say about this eventful hour. ONE, what a dumbass security detail they have. May it be in Czech or in PK Group territory. You call it a VIP suite and yet ANYONE can enter. A reporter can sneak in a very bold camera with huge lens and even set up a tripod just right in front of the hospital’s non-tinted glass windows. LOL fo sho thiz iz some K-drama shazzams just to keep the story rolling but it just irks me so much!

Human 7-8 (9)Human 7-8 (10)

So-bong (Gong Seung-yeon) was itching to find out the real identity of the unconscious man she saw at the hospital, so she went to dig deeper into it. She joined her reporter friend who had been spying at the VIP suite to get decent pictures of the other Sin (Seo Kang-joon), and they succeeded. They took a snap of his face, and they were shookt. There are definitely two Sins!

Human 7-8 (11)

But this didn’t go for long as So-bong decided to storm to the VIP suite on her own without someone blocking her, and got the first shock of her life when she saw the android Namsin (also Seo Kang-joon) pretending to sleep at the hospital bed. This was when she realized she got caught by both Namsin and Young-hoon (Lee Joon-hyuk).

Human 7-8 (3)Human 7-8 (4)Human 7-8 (5)

Well, I liked how they played out the story about the car accident in Czech and Mom’s return to Seoul, practically telling her the truth EXCEPT that it’s Namsin now who disguises as the human Sin.

Human 7-8 (12)Human 7-8 (13)

My SECOND point to discuss is how my emotions were getting toyed while watching these episodes. It’s like a face-off between the emotional Namsin vs the emotionless Namsin. You see in the first half we saw a very raw side of Namsin, the droid. He missed his Mom so much I think he’s about to cry. He felt homesick and alone. Young-hoon isn’t really a good emotional support, and he treats our dear robot as an object. He doesn’t trust his judgments, too (which he learned the hard way, thanks karma).

Human 7-8 (14)Human 7-8 (15)

When Namsin was floating blankly at the pool, I really felt his humanism. It’s like this show is really on it’s way to deceive us and make us believe that the Namsin we are watching is a human, too. But then again, when he boasted off his cognitive abilities, I was in awe.

Human 7-8 (6)Human 7-8 (7)

Only Seo Kang-joon can jump from one car roof to another looking so chill AF. It’s like the show is reminding us this time that hey, he may act like human sometimes, but he is still very much an android.

Human 7-8 (16)

I really hope Sin the human would wake up soon because I don’t think I can bear watching our dearest Namsin III get heartbroken. Ugh, yes I know he has no heart, but I have! I don’t want to see him getting sidelined by the people he protected and cared about.

Human 7-8 (8)


So is this the start of the human and android romance?

My heart was thumping like crazy, too!!!!

Human 7-8 (17)



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