K-Drama Reaction: My Ahjussi | Episode 6

“Its difficult to be around a person who saw you so vulnerable.”

~ Park Dong-hoon

The 6th episode of My Ahjussi was a chapter of confirmation. First, with Park Dong-hoon having enough evidence to verify his wife’s affair with CEO Do Joon-young, and second, with Lee Ji-an witnessing how much the Earnest Ahjussi is just like her, a broken soul.


Dong-hoon has finally put the puzzle pieces together and found out how his wife is cheating on him with CEO Joon-young. In the past episode, he discovered that the payphone frequently calling his boss’ number is located outside Yoon-hee’s office. Now, he was able to confirm it. After having lunch with his wife, he saw her using the phone. Right after, Dong-hoon then called CEO Joon-young’s number and the latter answers like he’s already aware and used to receiving calls from the payphone.

But the daggers did not stop from piercing Dong-hoon. He once saw a parking pass at his wife’s car and he went to visit the building. From afar, he saw Yoon-hee entering the premises and minutes after CEO Joon-young’s car followed. During a phone call with his wife, Dong-hoon used a bartender’s number to call CEO Joon-young and he heard it ringing in the background.

Lastly, Dong-hoon called out Yoon-hee that her clothes smell like smoke and she reasoned out that it’s because she ate campfire food. Days after, Dong-hoon heard CEO Joon-young tell Chairman Jang how he has already prepared their camping trip. Ouch, that just explains it.

With all these gut-wrenching truths hitting Dong-hoon in the face, it’s no surprise that he has become more lifeless. The Internal Audit Team has also been probing him on CEO Joon-young’s call history and he can’t even make a squeak about what he discovered.

Pain is written all over his face the whole time but he can’t even reveal it to his family or to anyone. I believe Dong-hoon is still protecting Yoon-he despite finding out how big of a snake she is. Remember how Dong-hoon from time to time remembers how one afternoon CEO Joon-young starts treating him really nicely and he felt like he had wronged him? Well, his hunch has been right all the time.

Kindred Souls

The Earnest Ahjussi and the Stoic Agassi are on their journey of finding out that they are kindred spirits, tied by suffering and their subconcious wish for healing.

After finding out why Ji-an slapped Deputy Kim, Dong-hoon explains to her that she should have just pretended not to hear it because “it’s difficult to be around a person who saw you so vulnerable.”

Ji-an responded that it’s also hard living a life fearing when you will be found out.

I love how this scene reflected Dong-hoon and Ji-an opening up to each other without directly showing the skeletons in their closets. I think Ji-an is slowly realizing that she’s not the only one living a wretched fate. The look on her eyes after Dong-hoon told her that he’ll pretend not to know when he hears something about her says that at that moment, it’s the comfort that she needs.

Tipsy Findings

Here’s another stirring song from My Ahjussi’s OST, An Ordinary Day by Jung Seung-hwan.

Tipsy’s fave line:

I’m alright
Telling myself it’ll pass
As I cover up the past

My Ahjussi Ahjussi Ep 6 ended with Dong-hoon heading to the campsite that the CEO and his wife previously visited, wilk he finally confront him on the affair? I’ll see you on the seventh episode.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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