K-Drama Reaction: My Ahjussi | Episode 4

Earnestness is like life imprisonment…You’re struggling through your life sentence of earnestness.

~ Lee Ji-an

Poignant, simple and horribly real. These are the three things that make My Ahjussi a wonderful drama. It started dark and lethargic yet it slowly and unknowingly draws you in. My Ahjussi Episode 4 has been my favorite chapter to date as the characters start to slowly peel off another layer of their skin.

The Earnest Ahjussi

It’s hard not to adore Park Dong-hoon’s traits. Yes, he is far from being perfect but you can’t deny how good of a man he is. This is what Lee Ji-an is slowly finding out as she continues to listen to his conversations.

Dong-hoon’s colleagues are starting to get curious as to why he wanted to fire Ji-an. One of them even called out her bad behavior but Dong-hoon dismissed them by saying that “four men shouldn’t sit around badmouthing a girl.” Dong-hoon’s subordinates kept prodding him about Ji-an and his response was powerful enough to break through the Stoic Agassi’s wall.

He goes, “I feel bad for people who look tense. It gives you an idea about their past. Kids grow up quickly when they’re hurt. I can see it. That’s why I feel bad for her. I’m scared to know what happened to her.”

Of Blood and Tears

You know what kind of crying hits me hard? The type that you’re trying hard to stop and hide. The way Park Sang-hoon failed to conceal his tears from his brothers made my heart ache, specially after finding out the reason why he’s been weeping.

While on their stair cleaning business, the eldest ahjussi accidentally sprinkled dust on the owner of the villas they serve. The ill-mannered owner threw a fit so Sang-hoon went down on his knees to apologize. Downstairs after the commotion, he saw the lunch box their mom usually prepares for them.

He went on his day convincing himself that omma did not see how he was poorly treated; but upon arriving home, his dear old mother just smiled at him when he asked why she left the lunch box without even saying hi. This made me really emotional. I can completely relate to Sang-hoon’s pain and how he tried to lie to himself that there’s a chance his mother did not see how he was shamed. Mom’s painful smile and silence was equally heart-piercing.

After learning what happened, Dong-hoon went to the villa owner and showed his fangs. He asked him to bring the fruit basket to their house and apologize. Dong-hoon delivered soul stirring lines that I’m sure many of us can sympathize with. He said, “I’ve kneeled before too. I’ve also been slapped and cussed at. But thankfully my family doesn’t know about it. I acted like nothing happened and went home with some food. I ate dinner like nothing happened. Yeah, it was no big deal. No matter what I’m subjected to, it doesn’t matter as long as my family doesn’t know.

The villa owner of course objected but Dong-hoon went berserk and cussed out how structurally poor the buildings are. (I smiled when Dong-hoon mentioned that Michael Scofield is a structural engineer like him. Hey yo Prison Break fans!)

The Murderer

My Ahjussi Episode 4 revealed to us another part of Ji-an’s dark past and why Gwang-il despises her.

While listening to Dong-hoon’s confrontation with the villa owner, Ji-an was reminded how she stabbed to death Gwang-il’s father for beating her frail and mute grandma.

Let’s take a break from the despicable Gwang-il and let me bless your day with the lovable Jang Ki-yong! ❤ ❤ ❤

Tipsy Musings

The K-Drama genies revealed details to the riddle that My Ahjussi is but I have several things that I’m itching to find out.

  • Gamer Minion Ki-beom mentioned that he feels bad when Gwang-il beats Ji-an since part of her debt was because of him. I’m curious as to why and how.

  • I’m still wondering what happened to Dong-hoon’s relationship with his wife and the possible reasons why it ended up with her having an affair.

  • Tomatoes. Yes, I’m puzzled by the tomatoes. Remember, Ji-an was supposed to buy tomatoes in an earlier episode but did not have enough money for it. Then in this chapter, she bought it to feed to her granny. Is it weird for me to think that the tomatoes have a hidden meaning to it, or a symbolism maybe?

  • With the introduction of a new character, Jung-hee, it makes me think that there could be something special between her and Dong-hoon. Like a childhood sweetheart kind of thing.

  • And last but definitely the most important one, will Quiznos be the next Subway of the K-Drama world? Hahahahhaha.

Tipsy Findings

IU or Lee Ji eun often gets criticism with her acting skills and I believe My Ahjussi will be her answer to naysayers. One of the possible things that came to my mind as to why she can outstandingly portray Ji-an is because it’s closer to her personality. Minus the beatings and the scheming parts, I think her characteristic resembles more that of Ji-an than the cutesy Bo-tong (Bel Ami) or the bright Hae-soo (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo). I watched her in Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast and found out that she’s the quiet and profound type.

The term “IU Disease” even went viral in South Korea and a lot were claiming to have been infected by it. The following are the symptoms.

❤ Wearing a large and nerdy jacket all day. IU’s trademark is the purple one.

❤ Staring off into space or constantly reading.

❤ Slowly chewing and taking forever to swallow food.

❤ Staying at home all day and do simple house chores while snacking chocolates in between.

SNL Korea even did a skit on the dangerous IU Disease. Kekeke.


MyAhjussi Episode 4 is both affecting and impressive. It showed us that people have own battles they fight. And along the way of trying to survive, we often forget that others are suffering as well. My Ahjussi Episodes 5 and 6 have been out and I’ll be as earnest as Dong-hoon to catch up.

~ Annyeong!

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