Who Are You? Top Pre-debut Pics of our Fave Oppas

From Park Bo-gum to Lee Jong-suk, these oppas certainly won the DNA lottery. Let’s take a look at the pre-debut pics of some of our most beloved oppas.

❤ Park Bo-gum

Here’s Bogummy’s cover of 2AM’s This Song.

❤ Nam Joo-hyuk

❤ Park Hyung-sik

❤ Lee Dong-wook

❤ Kang Ha-neul

Okay. This just makes me fall for Ha-neul oppa even more.

❤ Song Joong-ki

Fun fact: Joong-ki oppa placed second in KBS Quiz Korea after filling in for his college sunbae who is sick at the time.

❤ Seo In-guk

In case you want to be serenaded by this kissable  oppa. Here’s one of his performances from Superstar K1.


❤ Lee Jong-suk


❤ Lee Joon-ki

❤ Kim Soo-hyun

Bonus: In case you want to see more of uri oppas’ pre-debut pics. 😀

❤ Yoo Seung-ho

❤ Seo Kang-joon

❤ Park Seo-joon

❤ Lee Soo-hyuk

❤ Jung Hae-in

❤ Who do you think looks best even before becoming an actor? I’m torn between Joong-ki oppa and Ha-neul oppa. ❤ ❤ ❤ Check out our other Top 10 lists.


~ Tipsy Ahjumma

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