K-Drama Reaction: Are You Human, Too? | Episodes 17-18

If you are in So-bong’s (Gong Seung-yeon) position, what would you do? Will you be able to guard your own heart and treat Namsin3 (Seo Kang-joon) as a mere robot? We all know how adorable Namsin is, and despite his developing “errors” (aka feelings in human psychology), at the end of the day, he is still battery-dependent. It hurts me to point this out when I love Namsin so much and he is the only reason I keep on tuning in to this drama, but I can’t help but think the repercussions of these complicated emotions.

Human 17-18 (1)Human 17-18 (2)

Complicated and unclear emotions

It may seem absurd that the human heroine is starting to feel unwanted emotions towards the robot hero, but with the way Namsin is really acting right now – complete with acts that would make every single woman out there swoon – I really can’t blame So-bong for falling for him. She cares for him a lot, and would readily be the noble idiot just to prevent anyone from harming him. Sucks that even Namsin’s own Mom is a threat to him now.

Human 17-18 (3)

Namsin even “hallucinates” now because of his closeness with So-bong. Very human-like. The system errors were his version of missing someone. He kept on seeing So-bong wherever he goes, and remembered everything they did together. It’s just getting complicated the more they spend time with each other. So-bong’s memory is deeply engraved into Namsin’s system to the point that he now does everything based on his own judgments and started to oppose his own mother.

Human 17-18 (2)

Two-faced father

So it’s wedding time for Ye-na (Park Hwan-hee) and Sin! I almost teared up when I saw Director Seo’s teary eyes while Ye-na was prepping for the wedding ceremony. I thought it was something special to send off his own daughter to the altar. I thought he was legit sad that his precious princess is now getting married. I thought… but then, when he turned around, his facial expression changed so quickly. I hate that I was under Director Seo’s spell for a minute, only to be disgusted by the realization that those teary eyes were meant to lure Ye-na back to his side and stop protecting Sin.

Human 17-18 (4)Human 17-18 (5)

But Director Seo will always be Director Seo… Now that it’s almost confirmed that he was the one behind the “suicide” of Sin’s father, I’m not really surprised that he will still destroy Sin, even if he becomes his own son-in-law. It’s always money and power above anyone else for Seo Jong-gil.

Human 17-18 (3)

The only worry I have right now is the aftermath of Namsin’s actions while he was trying to save the abducted So-bong from the snake tattoo guy. He singlehandedly slammed the bad guy’s car, which would make it seem obvious that he is “superhuman” or extraordinary.

Human 17-18 (16)

The longer human Sin lies in coma state, the more I hate his Mom.

Human 17-18 (1)

Human 17-18 (12)Human 17-18 (13)


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