K-Drama Reaction: About Time | Episode 12

This drama just keeps going in circles that I’ve found myself just saying the same things over and over in my reviews. CAN WE GET THE PLOT MOVING PLEAAAASE!!!!

Nasty Bae Soo-bong

Wow, Bae Soo-bong (Im Se-mi) is getting worse and worse as she desperately tries to force Lee Do-ha into marrying her. I thought that Do-ha’s refusal to wed her despite all the ‘sincere’ pleadings she made in the last scene of the previous episode would knock her back to her senses. I was wrong. Soo-bong has gone crazier to the point that she’s willing to destroy Do-ha just to have him. I find her really pathetic but I couldn’t ignore the influence she wields as well as her determination to get what she wants.

On the other hand, I’m happy that Do-ha has managed not to falter even if everything he has planned has gone wrong. How I wish Choi Mi-ka (Lee Sung-kyung)’s could be by his side because he just has no one to turn to now. Get over your drama Mi-ka!


Wait! What’s going on? I never suspected Jeon Sung-hee (Han Seung-yeon) of being attracted to Secretary Park but it made me think otherwise when she rejected Choi Wi-jin (Rowoon)’s confession of love saying he’s not her ideal man. Her description of someone she likes fits Secretary Park well, plus, she’s also never told Wi-jin directly that she likes him as well. Don’t break my heart more, please?

Why is everyone around Mi-ka has only few time to live?

Though there’s no apparent romance building up between Jo Jae-yoo (Kim Dong-jun) and Mi-ka, it’s their few scenes that I enjoyed the most in the recent episodes. I hope Jae-yoo realize soon that Mi-ka’s the perfect actress to cast in his musical. No one can understand the main character’s predicament better than Mi-ka.

And just when I would try to rave about the unlikely beatiful friendship between Miss Oh (Kim Hae-sook) and Choi Mi-ka, what happened to our ‘fairy grandmother’? Did she really die? Isn’t she supposed to live for two years more? This cliffhanger really hit me hard that I began tearing up as Mi-ka rushed to see her in her house, then saw Do-ha there as well.

And Mom please have some common sense? You’re definitely overdressed for a dishwasher. She’s too naive? Or too dumb?

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